Why Is Our Professional Headshot Photography So Expensive When Compare to Other Photographers In Our Area?

I've heard stories of potential inquiring clients who said that. They feel the service of our NC Headshot Studio in Durham, NC is way too expensive when compared to other photographers in the Raleigh - Durham, as to them, it's merely clicking of a button. 


Customer Is King?

The customer is always right. That's a business mantra and it's not always true. Yes, the client is sometimes right. They are paying us for a service or a product, and their rights are within our service or product policy. If they go out of the limits of the product or the service, they are not right.

Market Perceptions

You've probably been in a luxury cars showroom, such as Rolls Royce or Lamborghini. Have you complained these cars are too expensive or you just accept it the way it is? Do you think you will be right if you demand these cars to be much cheaper? You won't be right. It's a luxury car showroom. You've entered a place where they sell expensive products. If you want a cheap car, you should look elsewhere.



You've probably been in a dollar shop. Have you seen a ridiculously overpriced item? Not quite often, but sometimes there is one. You tend to complain about it, as it's a dollar shop. That item is supposed to be cheap and of low quality. Your complaint is justified then.

If clients see cheap looking visual work, such as photographs or videos, that is highly overpriced, they will complain about it. The worst way a visual artist answers to that is to emphasize on their expensive gear, the countless hours of retouching, the vast number of emails they write, the taxes, the rent. If someone's work looks cheap their high price is not justified; and the customer is right.




The moral of the story: We charge more for our service, because we present a high end looking solid body of work for our premier headshot clients. High end service is expensive. The clients know that when they see it. They will not be interested what kind of gear we use, whether it's cheap or expensive. They will not care if we retouch a lot or just a little. When they see our great results, they know it's worth the cost. Although customers understand great work is more than a click of a button, many of them may not hire us, but will not undervalue your skills and portfolio. We may haven't won a client, but we've created a potential loyal marketing agent who will tell others about your our work.