The Power of a Professional Headshot - Pt. 2

Never underestimate the impact professional portraits – or headshots – have on your success. Buyers and sellers visit your real estate website looking to see a comprehensive site Filled with visuals of beautifully marketed listings, properties you have sold and clients you have served. Most of all, they want to see you.

No one enjoys having their photograph taken, young or old, photogenic or not. The easiest and most important element to a successful headshot is to simply be yourself. You want the client to be immediately put at ease at your First meeting because the image they now have of you matches the personality you portray in their presence.

How else can you take dynamic and engaging portraits? Here is a list of do’s and don’ts:


  • Remove all distractions. The focus should be entirely on you.
  • Find a comfortable location. Taking the photo at your office or at one of your listings is an ideal option. Either location allows you to show yourself in your work environment, which is where your website visitors (prospective clients) prefer to see you.
  • Use a backdrop. Another option is to use a backdrop. Using backdrops ensure you won’t fade into the background.
  • Wear a favorite business outfit. Choose an outfit that is both comfortable and appropriate to your marketplace.
  • Hire a professional portrait photographer. Interview the photographer and ask to see their work. Make sure you explain what you are looking for and show them examples of what you would like. There are many ways to capture a headshot.
  • Update your photo regularly. You want the client to recognize you, not think, “Wow, they look very different than their online headshot.”


  • Strike a dramatic pose (with your hands under your chin). Remember, this isn’t an audition for a role in a soap opera.
  • Cross your arms. Crossing your arms signals you are unapproachable and set in your ways.
  • Pose with a phone in your ear. This says, “I’m too busy for you and it’s 1982!”
  • Pose with your dog, cat or horse. You want the focus to be on you.

Buyers and sellers encounter a number of real estate agents daily, whether it’s through agent networking, attending open houses or receiving agent marketing material. A professional photograph speaks volumes! Clients are seeking to hire a real estate agent who conveys trust, honesty and integrity. Your appearance on your business card, website and on social media sites is the first impression you give them. You use great photography for your listing because it sells the home. Put that same eye for detail on yourself. You deserve it.

Remember, prospective clients are looking to hire an agent they can trust, so let your photo be modern, simple and realistic.