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You likely have an “About Me” or “About Our Company” or “About Us” page on your website. And you certainly have a thumbnail image that you use for your social media profiles (if you’re not using a logo or brand). Occasionally you might be asked to be interviewed on a blog, or an article may be written referencing you. In each of these circumstances, you’ll want a photo of yourself displayed. In a physically disconnected world, where many of your networks and connections are made online, it’s more important than ever for people to sense your authenticity and your personality.

And you don’t want a terribly lit & slightly inebriated photo of yourself taken at a friend’s wedding, or a snapshot of you on the beach during your vacation to Costa Rica to be the way you represent yourself & your business to the world. And definitely NOT A CELLPHONE SELFIE / CELFIE.  I once had a client who wanted to use a photo of himself at an event where he was clearly snozzled – yikes!

If it’s your personal Facebook profile and you regularly update it to show a recent snapshot of you at a speaking engagement or giving a presentation, that’s one thing & you can get away with something less formal. If it’s the only headshot of you on the website of your business, that’s another thing entirely. This isn’t to say it needs to be stuffy, or nostalgic for Sears photo shoots circa 1981… you want it to reference your personality and that of your business. 

For example, if you’re an investment banker, you’d likely meet your potential clients face-to-face in some level of business attire. Maybe not a suit, but something appropriate. If you’re a bee keeper, you’re likely wearing something appropriate for that work, etc… In each of these cases it’s not much of an investment of time or money to hire a photographer to take a professional-looking headshot of you in your environment.

Usually, a professional headshot session either takes place in the studio or in the field. Personally, I like shots that aren’t against a solid white backdrop in the studio or that feel too contrived. I prefer shots taken in an appropriate environment – maybe in your office, or maybe outside with a natural backdrop.

There’s no magic formula. You don’t need to be an actor. You don’t need $1 million dollars or an entourage.

So, how do you find someone local to do this for you whose work you like? Well first, if you see a headshot you really like, and you know that it was likely taken in your area, find out who took them! Sometimes there’s an attribution, and other times you can just send an email and ask. Secondly, search for someone & review what you find.

A simple Google Search for Durham Headshot Photography or Raleigh Business Portraits in your local area would suffice.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $175 to $1500 depending on how many poses and/or outfits you want, where you live, and the experience of the photographer. The most important thing is that you find someone whose work shows the kind of headshot you’d like to end up with.

So, throw that modesty out the window, find the right photographer for you, and be happy when you’re being represented in your best light online!

NC Headshot Studio is a Durham Headshot, Business Portrait, and Commercial Photography Studio servicing the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill areas.  We are your professional headshot studio!

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Don't Underestimate the power of your headshot!

With the rise in social platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, visuals are driving consumer engagement in both the business and corporate world.  

A business portrait or a professional headshot by a great headshot photographer is key!

There is no denying the fact that a good headshot will evoke greater trust, authenticity and greater interest in you and your business.

Customers and stakeholders love to know who they are dealing with, so with a good headshot will ensure that your first impression makes a positive impact! Professional headshots are not just for actors, celebrities or corporate heads or an expensive vanity project. In a world where anyone serious about their career or business has a personal brand (whether you like it or not); it’s important to control and manage how people see you.

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It is your corporate handshake in a virtual world, so ensure that your photograph makes the right impression and sets the right tone by investing in your brand. Thankfully, gone are the days when you had to look as if you had a rod up your back. If done correctly your headshot will let your personality shine through and sends out the right message about you.

Failure to invest in your headshot is like turning up to a networking event without a business card. People want to know the face behind the name. Your headshot should encourage people to engage with you. People connect with those they know, like and trust so ensure that you look like someone that they want to engage, work and do business with. As a small business owner or corporate professional on the rise don’t underestimate how your headshot is a critical component for your personal branding strategy.

Thankfully, the formal, pen holding, over staged poses don’t work for today’s socially conscious, savvy and connected customer. They want a headshot that matches your brand, so keep your image consistent, personable but more importantly professional. So make sure your headshot enhances rather than devalues your personal brand.


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NC Headshot Studio is a Durham Headshot, Business Portrait, and Commercial Photography Studio servicing the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill areas.  We are your professional headshot studio!

The Power of a Professional Headshot - Pt. 3

Your headshot has enormous potential & power, if photographed well. Not going to overload you with stats and numbers, just going to give you 3 quick facts.  


1.  ONLINE / SOCIAL MEDIA, 95% of how people judge you is based on your photo.  Perception is everything!

If this doesn't make you want to update your photo, then consider this as well, people take only about 1/2 a second to come to their judgment of you based on your current photo. So you have less than 1/2 a second to make a first impression.

2- You Become Human With A Photo - You Seem Tangible & Relatable

Putting a face to a name can have a huge impact, it's humanizing!  Use it in your email signature, business card, website about page, social media profiles and other marketing materials. 

3- An Updated & Current Photo Gets A LOT MORE ATTENTION!

We've seen this over and over again. We send a client their new headshot– within a day or two they update their social media profile photos and BOOM– 100+ likes and comments. People want to see a photo of you. Start clicking on your friends profile photos on and you'll see the same thing if it's a quality photo of that person.

A 30-minute Mini-On-The-Go Session (learn more about the Mini-On-The-Go Session by visiting: professional photo session, can have a huge impact on your marketing and business presence. 

NC Headshot Studio is a Durham Headshot, Business Portrait, and Commercial Photography Studio servicing the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill areas.  We are your professional headshot studio!

The Power of a Professional Headshot - Pt. 2

Never underestimate the impact professional portraits – or headshots – have on your success. Buyers and sellers visit your real estate website looking to see a comprehensive site Filled with visuals of beautifully marketed listings, properties you have sold and clients you have served. Most of all, they want to see you.

No one enjoys having their photograph taken, young or old, photogenic or not. The easiest and most important element to a successful headshot is to simply be yourself. You want the client to be immediately put at ease at your First meeting because the image they now have of you matches the personality you portray in their presence.

How else can you take dynamic and engaging portraits? Here is a list of do’s and don’ts:


  • Remove all distractions. The focus should be entirely on you.
  • Find a comfortable location. Taking the photo at your office or at one of your listings is an ideal option. Either location allows you to show yourself in your work environment, which is where your website visitors (prospective clients) prefer to see you.
  • Use a backdrop. Another option is to use a backdrop. Using backdrops ensure you won’t fade into the background.
  • Wear a favorite business outfit. Choose an outfit that is both comfortable and appropriate to your marketplace.
  • Hire a professional portrait photographer. Interview the photographer and ask to see their work. Make sure you explain what you are looking for and show them examples of what you would like. There are many ways to capture a headshot.
  • Update your photo regularly. You want the client to recognize you, not think, “Wow, they look very different than their online headshot.”


  • Strike a dramatic pose (with your hands under your chin). Remember, this isn’t an audition for a role in a soap opera.
  • Cross your arms. Crossing your arms signals you are unapproachable and set in your ways.
  • Pose with a phone in your ear. This says, “I’m too busy for you and it’s 1982!”
  • Pose with your dog, cat or horse. You want the focus to be on you.

Buyers and sellers encounter a number of real estate agents daily, whether it’s through agent networking, attending open houses or receiving agent marketing material. A professional photograph speaks volumes! Clients are seeking to hire a real estate agent who conveys trust, honesty and integrity. Your appearance on your business card, website and on social media sites is the first impression you give them. You use great photography for your listing because it sells the home. Put that same eye for detail on yourself. You deserve it.

Remember, prospective clients are looking to hire an agent they can trust, so let your photo be modern, simple and realistic.